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Report Writing
Drafting of reports, positions papers for various audiences.

CV Preparation
A clear and concise curriculum vitae (CV) is your key to success. Professional looking CVs are a must. Have your CV prepared by a professional Human Resources Consultant!

Policy Development
From concept to completion, I will develop, with your stakeholders, clear, concise and effective internal policies.

Job Description Writing
Professional help for amendments to a current work description or a new job description (for all levels of positions).

Ready, Set, Hired! A Practical Guide to Starting a Career with the Canadian Government
Ready, Set, Hired! A Practical Guide to Starting a Career with the Canadian Government General Store Publishing House - ISBN: 978-1-897113-98-1-

Préparation, action embauche! Un guide pratique pour amorcer une carrière au sein du gouvernement canadien
In Ready, Set, Hired! Charles Seems shares the knowledge and insights he has acquired from more than a quarter century of working in human resources for the federal public service of Canada, which is now looking for new hires at a rate not seen in more than half a century, In plain English, he explains the FPS hiring process and provides proven techniques on how to draft applications that will attract favourable notice, prepare for tests, and perform well during interviews. The comprehensive appendix includes samples of job advertisements, statements of merit criteria, résumés, covering letters, as well as a glossary of commonly used terms, a listing of occupational groups, and an explanation of official languages qualifications.

An essential tool for anyone looking to launch a career with the federal public service.

".... Charles has managed to carve away the mystery from the Canadian public service system. His approach is reasonable and straight-forward, with a clear explanation of the system’s quirks and an anthology of terminology that will prove invaluable to the reader." Diana Larivière, CArb., CPS, Professional Speaker and Writer. the world.

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Sonal P. (CIC) "We have been using both the English and French versions of the book in our HR department and find it very informative and wonderful, easy to use resources."

Frances B. "Très bon bouquin!"

Etienne L. (DFO) "Just wanted to let you know my colleagues and I have purchased a few copies of your book. We a re gearing up for a recruitment campaign in the next few weeks, and we have instructed our staff to recommend the book to prospective applicants."

Marie A. (CPSA) "Ma nièce a trouvé ton livre très utile et selon elle, c’est grâce à ce livre qu’elle a eu une offre d’emploi au fédéral!"

Clifford S. (PSC) "I was promoting your book at McMaster University last Monday evening. I was part of a panel discussing working for the Federal Government and the students were very enthused about your publication."

Cecilia D. (AGR) "Thank you for sharing, Charles. I think that this is a good initiative. I plan to buy your book for my 2 children, who are both attending University (my son, for Civil Engineering and my daughter, for Neuroscience)."

Johanne B. (DUS) "Ce livre sera une petite mine d'or pour toi. Je viens de passer une heure avec une personne qui essaye justement d'obtenir un premier poste au gouvernement au niveau EX."

Nav T. (HC) "I was wondering if you could let me know where I can purchase your latest staffing book? I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival and hopefully you can let me know ASAP so, I can get a copy for myself."


Leadership Gurus Speak Out!

Experts Who Speak Books,
24.95$, ISBN: 978-0-978-283-3-6

Co-publication by Charles Seems, Sid Ridgley, Maureen Motter-Hodgson, Rolande Kirouac, Cara MacMillan, Dawn Frail, Lesley Southwick-Trask, Pat Mussieux, Diane King, Peter M. Cleveland, Cy Wakeman, Sue Edwards and Kathy Glover Scott

Leadership Gurus Speak Out! is the tenth book in the internationally successful Experts Who Speak book series. In this volume, we present you with the collective wisdom, experience and knowledge of thirteen experts from across North America who are leaders themselves in the field of leadership training and coaching. Each is a specialist in leadership issues and innovation - with proven results. Where else can you find the advanced information needed by seasoned and aspiring leaders in one easy-to-use resource? In this book, you will learn and be inspired to

  • Create a legacy through VIP Leadership
  • Affirm others - and yourself - for real success
  • Apply the Four Key Strategies for Leadership Success
  • Make powerful presentations
  • Cultivate a culture of accountability
  • Practice the Ten Commandments of Ethical Leadership
  • Lead with laughter - it’s good for business!
  • Strategically use your influence, energy and mind power to triumph
  • Move forward as a masterful leader

Information on the various co-authors can be found at

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drug free athritisDrug-Free
Arthritis: Secrets to Successful Living

is a excellent guide to anyone who is suffering from arthritic pain. It clearly describes proven strategies that have been used by countless people to reduce their pain as well as their need for medications. The author -- himself a success story -- explains clearly what sorts of environmental irritants to avoid, including those found in everyday foods. Readers will learn what sorts of personal commitments they can make to improve their odds of getting better, and staying that way. They will gain valuable knowledge on the personal values and mindsets that will help them to put their condition in perspective, and to lead happier and more balanced lives.

The book may be ordered at the following:
Postal Money Orders or Certified Cheques should cover the cost of book (9.99$) + Shipping and Handling Charges (for Canada, add 2.00$, for the USA, add 4.00$, for Europe, add 6.00$ for all other destinations, add 8.00$)

Books are sold at Perfect Books

Perfect Books
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Ontario. K2P 1L9


Collection of 16 French phonetic language readers for Grades 1-3 (currently used in Canadian schools) The books are available through the "Centre Franco-Ontarien des ressources pédagogiques" at the following web address:

La Collection Parminou

1988 - 1992, Centre Franco-ontarien des ressources pédagogiques 4 bilingual (English-French) readers for pre-schoolers
Out of print

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