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Staffing Consultation
For staffing of positions from CR-03 to EX-03

Staffing Recourse
Representation at recourse hearing which includes preparation of documents and preparing witnesses

Staffing Courses

    Wide range of courses offered to:

  • Managers (Sub-delegation training, Assessment Board Member training, Conducting Selection Interviews),

  • HR staff (Introduction to HR Management, Staffing for Staffing Specialists Part 1 and
    Part 2, Staffing for Staffing Assistants)

  • Employees (Understanding the New Staffing Regime, Preparing for Selection Processes)

  • Custom designed courses to meet client needs
Staffing Coaching and Tutoring
Small group instruction followed by one-on-one tutoring based on actual staffing files

Staffing File Reviews
For monitoring purposes

Career Counseling/Management
One-on-one coaching for non Executive levels only

Preparing For a Selection Process
One-on-one coaching on CV and Interview Preparation
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