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Facilitation services for meetings and conferences, large or small groups.

Self-Hypnosis: Relief from Insomnia
March 26, 2008, Suez Canal, MS Amsterdam, Holland America Line

Managing Arthritic Pain
January 13, 2008, Pacific Ocean, MS Amsterdam, Holland America Line

Setting Personal Goals
for Success

June 6, 2007, Val-des-Monts, Québec

Dealing With Chronic Pain
May 3, 2007, Ottawa, Ontario

Strategies for Success
Sept. 14, 2006, Ottawa, Ontario

Public Service Staffing Modernization
Jan. 17, 2006, Aylmer, Québec

Pathways to Success
Oct. 20, 2005, Barco de Avila, Spain

Understanding Public Service Recourse
June 6, 2002, Ottawa, Ontario

Effective Consulting Skills
March 1998, Ottawa, Ontario

Human Resources Consulting Skills
February 1997, Ottawa, Ontario

River of Life: Change Management Skills
March 1990, Ottawa, Ontario

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